Never Use Drugs To Cure Sinus

Cure For Sinus

Sinusitis is caused by  inflammation and blockage of the sinus cavities within the nose occurs. It is when sinuses (air passage) become blocked (blocked sinus) and contaminated with germs (virus, bacterium or fungus) that causes sinusitis. Irritation from inhaling chlorine fumes and cigarette smoke can also trigger sinusitis.

Sinusitis can be divided into 2 catogeries :

   1) Acute (usually caused by viral infection)         : infection continues up to 4 weeks

   2) Chronic (usually caused by fungal infection)    : infection is going on for 8 weeks or more.

Some of the sinusitis symptoms are nasal congestion, thick greenish or yellowish discharge, headache, dizziness, facial pain, aching teeth, bad breath, stuffy nose. The symptoms include feeling fatigue when you should actually feel rested. 

Sinus infection can be so severe that surgical procedure could become necessary. Curing sinusitis during its early stages is very crucial. There are medical prescriptions and natural remedies that have been known to cure sinusitis permanently.

However preventive measures are the best option for sinus infection remedies. Having a healthy body means having a healthy immune system. Ensuring you personal area such as your room, your office, your study area and your home are clean and rid from allergens. If you use the shoes you've used outside in your home, vacuum the carpets regularly, better yet is to have shoes off attitude in the house.

Immediate remedies but usually temporary are warm compress (dip a wash cloth in hot water, wring out and place it over the face), inhalation technique (slowly inhale steaming vapor with a drop of eucalyptus oil), nasal irrigation (use syringe with saline water to clean the nasal passage), anthistamine (a medication sinus but causes drowsiness).

Avoid the intake of medications that are chemically based. Look for medication or alternative remedies that are herbal based or from herbal extract. Man made chemically produced medications will actually weaken our body defenses and will leave it wide open to more infection. Seeking the remedy that will provide PERMANENT CURE is the right thing to do.

Smoking And Sinusitis

If you have sinusitis - DO NOT SMOKE. If you are a smoker- QUIT. BUT.. If stopping smoking is not an option - Try Going GREEN

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